Manuals (1213)

Every Swisher product has a model and a serial number on a silver decal. For the majority of our units, the model number will describe the traits of the machine. Large units, such as trail mowers, log splitters, Zero-Turn Riders, etc., start with one or two letters. These are the classification of the unit (i.e., T for "trailmower", ST for "String trimmer"). The next set of numbers is usually the engine size (i.e., T14560 has a 14.5 HP engine). Finally, the last numbers generally describe the size of the product (i.e. ZT18542 has a 42" cut, or LS10528 is a 28 ton log splitter). 

Serial numbers are VERY important for choosing the right manual as this will identify the year of production. Serial numbers after 1999 begin using a system that most of the manuals in this section follow. They'll start with the letter L and then a single number. This just shows the assembly line they were produced on and does not affect the manual. The next two numbers are what show the year. There will be a dash, and the next three digits are the Julian day of the year the machine was made. The final set of numbers is simply which unit it was that was produced that day. To put this together, a serial number showing, "L204-123097" would tell us, "Produced on Line 2 in 2004 - 123rd day of the year, 97th machine produced"! Machines from 1998 and 1997 do not include the L# and just display the year. Older serial numbers used a different system, and you can contact us for assistance in determining the year of your machine!